Potential Environmental Envoys

Project call title: Call 2019 Round 2 KA1-Learning Mobility of Individuals

Project call topic: KA 105- Youth Mobility

Project proposer country: Turkey

Project proposer: Zerrin Savaşan

Organisation: Selçuk University, KONYA

Proposed project title: Potential Environmental Envoys

Project Place: Konya – Turkey

Project Time: 03.04-2020 – 09.04.2020 + 2 travel days

Collaboration sought:  NGOs, universities, research centres (maximum 5 partners)

Roles sought: Project participants.

Number of participants: 5 Participants and 1 Group Leader (between 18 – 30 ages)

Countries sought: All EU member countries (particularly under the neighbourhood of Turkey).

Themes covered by this project proposal: Environment, environmental problems, innovative training methods/techniques, new approaches, youth.

Short description of the project proposed

As a result of global warming threatening our world, the importance of environmental studies has started to increase.

Increased emphasis on environmental issues has enabled states to take a more sensitive position on issues such as reduction of waste foods, the use of environmentally friendly fuels instead of fossil fuels, the development of environmental energy, recycling and the animal food industry. This has been a triggering factor for the states to make significant efforts in these areas.

Even though the states carry out important works on the environmental issues, non-state actors, especially non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have also important duties -such as to produce campaigns to increase sensitivity- in this field.

In this context, the overall objective of this project is to develop international campaigns with young people who are sensitive to environmental problems and by applying these campaigns to support the development of environmentally conscious generations.

On the basis of this general objective, our youth community carried out a project titled as “Strengthening the Capacity of Academicians in the Field of Education on Environmental Law and Politics Through Innovative Methods” in the scope of TÜBİTAK 4005 Program in 2018; with this project proposal, by organizing a youth exchange program, it wants to take its work to an international level.

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